The Matchmaking Tool

The central communication and organizational tool is a website licensed by IME International Matchmaking Events with an integrated database and a specialized organizational software for its events.

The website appears in the look and feel of your trade fair or conference. Your logos, texts and information are implemented.

Each participant receives a personal access code with which he/she can create an individual company profile in a protected area. Participants find matching partners for meetings using concrete co-operational offers and searches. All information, even the personal documents for the event, is made available here.

The website serves to inform your customers and guests, it is the participants’ contact and meeting point.

Apart from setting up the front end (= look and feel) IME International Matchmaking Events also formats the back end according to your requirements.  We thereby take into account the values of the respective sector-specific value chain and include your registration criteria in the registration.

We would be happy to answer any further questions you might have in person.

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