A relevant and to-the-point presentation
Julien Fournier, Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques / 2014:
“We wanted to give our industry professionals a good overview of the German Music Market, and we found the right person with Rosita Kuerbis. In an hour’s time, she gave a relevant and to-the-point presentation, that proved very helpful, and was very positively reviewed in the survey we did later on with our users.”

Hervorragende Arbeitsgrundlage
Nadja Clarus, Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Technologie und Forschung / 2013:
“Im Ergebnis ist festzustellen, dass die von Frau Kuerbis erstellte Analyse hervorragend als Arbeitsgrundlage zur Qualitätssicherung von Fördermaßnahmen des Landes Berlin im Bereich der Kreativwirtschaft, insbesondere im Teilbereich Musikwirtschaft zu nutzen ist. […] Das Arbeitsergebnis ist insbesondere in seiner strategischen Anlage, Ausführung und Erhebung belastbarer statistischer Daten exzellent.”

Important Database for Planning & Acquisition
Jörg Suermann, DMY / 2013:
“The survey supplied us with important criteria for a further optimization of the DMY and it will help us have a stronger focus on the interests of visitors to the event in the future. The results provided us with a solid database that we can use specifically to contact our partners for the DMY in 2014. The scope and type of survey corresponded exactly to our requirements – an excellent consultation and a wonderful collaboration.”

Very effective and right to the point
Michael Borwitzky, Ferryhouse / 2012:
“I have made many new contacts to Canada and did already expand these contacts while visiting Toronto in return. The matchmaking session to me was very effective and due to the format right to the point. I won’t miss upcoming events!”

2 out of 6 meetings are emerging as a cooperation
Aron van der Ploeg, The Missing Synch / 2012:
“2 of 6 meetings are emerging as a cooperation which I think is an excellent result. The matchmaking session has been a very good entry to meet new business partners at the Reeperbahn Festival Campus. I’m very pleased, it was definitely worth to participate.”

Very promising with regards to the outcome
Erika Weibel, FONDATION SUISA / 2012:
“The Swiss Matchmaking Session was booked out and the first feedback given by the Swiss companies is positive. Due to the excellent organisation of the meetings the participants were well-prepared with regards to the subject of each meeting. This is very promising with regards to the outcome. The final results are still due of course, as also business relation ships need time to be developed. I am very pleased regarding this success and would like to thank you for the committed and pleasant co-operation.”

Music Export Norway’s BDP in Berlin was positively received both by participants from Norwegian and German music industry
Music Export Norway. BDP in Berlin. Feedback on Business Programm / 2011:
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The basis for an efficient foreign trade promotion are well-organised networking sessions on an international scale
Nadja Clarus, Head of Section Music Industry, Senate for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues / 2010:
“Well-organised networking sessions on an international scale are the basis for an efficient foreign trade promotion, which this event surely was. It stays important, that the policy of according promotional programs show flexibility regarding the requirements of the creative industry.”

The exclusive composition and very positive guest feedback speak for themselves
Jörg Heidemann, VUT – German Association of Independent Music Companies / 2010:
“The plan to offer an exclusive networking event during the Berlin Music Week and Popkomm did succeed to our utmost satisfaction. The exclusive composition and very positive guest feedback – companies from the music industry took part as well as companies out of IT and telecommunications, international export offices, internationally operating marketing agencies and business support agencies – speak for themselves. We would like to thank Rosita Kuerbis for her active support of our undertaking, especially with regards to the invitation- and registration management, as well as for the development of needed networking tools, with which this event became the most successful networking event to our guests during Popkomm/Berlin Music Week.”