International Matchmaking Events

IME International Matchmaking Events’ mission is to promote dialogue between companies and businesses and to initiate new business relationships. We specialize in matchmaking events that aim to bring potential business partners together. We do this by organizing B2B events  – and we’ve been doing this successfully since 2007.

Our offer ranges from the conception, organization and implementation of standard matchmaking events and customized event formats tailored to the special needs and wishes of trade fairs and conferences, to follow-up evaluation and documentation.

We offer expertise advice and first-class service.

From 2007 to the present we have hosted over 3,000 meetings in which we have successfully connected over 6,000 partners nationally and internationally. 86% of our participants rate our choice of meeting partners with very good to good. The respective format choice is likewise rated very good to good by 84% of our participants.

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